Touch Eldoret Etsy Shop Now Open

Touch Eldoret now has its own fundraising shop on Etsy! Ginny has been hard at work and the shop is currently stocked with some of her range of natural skin care products and a sample of her tatting. Shortly we hope to include a range of vintage items, hand knitted baby clothes, handmade jewellery and more! Do have a look and keep us in mind, particularly for gifts. We can post all over the world, or contact us if you’d prefer local pick up.

You can find our Etsy shop here.

Give As You Live

Touch Eldoret is now registered with Give as you live. If you sign up, you can raise money for us as you do your normal shopping at over 4,200 different outlets. Sign up here Give As You Live. If you’re thinking of changing your insurance, broadband or utility providers, you can do that through the site and raise money for us too.

Their sister company, EveryClick, can enable you to raise money as you simply surf the web. Find out more here: EveryClick.

If you’d simply like to make a donation, please do it via our MyDonate page, rather than EveryClick as My Donate charge minimal fees. Thank you!


Kenya Visit and a New Church

In March, chair of trustees, and founder, Jane Bostock went out to visit the community in Eldoret, accompanied by supporter Naomi.

On arrival in Eldoret they visited Highlands Education Centre, the school attended by Joseph Junior. The staff were very pleased to see them and had arranged for Jane and Naomi to plant a tree.

Progress on the building of the Community Centre was examined. The photo shows Jane talking with Bryson in the building. During the visit, Bryson was able to outline his plans and hopes to start a new church for a group of believers who currently have no settled place of worship.

The new church will be called Arise and Shine Pentecostal Church. It will have a committee of trustees, some of whom are pictured here. From left to right they are Bryson, Jacklin, Patrick and Henry our church Elder. Bryson’s wife Naomy, who was taking the photo, is the fifth trustee. Already God is starting to provide for the new congregation as a local businessman just donated 20 chairs for their use.

Moving Forward

Following Jane’s recent visit to Kenya we are looking at new ways of continuing to support the people in Eldoret. Sadly, due to a break down of trust between the charity and one of our key contacts in Kenya, we have had to take the difficult decision to terminate financial support for him. However, the needs of the community remain much the same and we are actively seeking ways to continue the work on the Community Centre.

In the meantime, we are continuing to pay the school fees for Michael and Joseph Junior. We hope to be able to support Naomi to complete her course in Pastoral Ministry and would like to be able to do the same for Bryson in the near future.

Looking further ahead, the Soy Church have a vision to provide practical help for the many street children as well as the disabled and the elderly. As these plans start to take shape we will look into ways to support this vital work.

A fuller report of Jane’s visit, with the all important photos, will follow presently.

Building the Walls

Great news from Eldoret, the walls of the Community Centre are going up! Joseph has sent us pictures of the progress so far, so we can see the walls being built and the floor being laid. He is also about to install a 20,000 litre water tank to store as much of the very seasonal rain as possible. This will not only supply the community centre, but also provide essential water to the community during times of drought.

New Fundraising Ideas

Some of these items are now available in our Etsy shop. 

Ginny has been busy finding creative ways to raise money for the people of Eldoret. She has produced some unique tatted earrings which are available for sale at very reasonable prices. She may also be able to make other items or designs on request.

Ginny has also been developing a range of all natural, preservative free skincare products. You can download a price list here:Handmade with love, or all the details are below. To place an order, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

All of the products are completely preservative free and so have a relatively short shelf life. They are made in small batches, please place an order to be sure of getting what you want.

Tropical body scrub with coconut, lemon and lime
A refreshing, exfoliating scrub
150ml £4.00
Beeswax lip salve with honey and calendula
A sweet and healing balm
15ml £2.50
Beeswax lip salve with mint
Refreshingly minty
15ml £2.50
Beeswax lip salve with lemon
Fresh and fruity
15ml £2.50
Body butter with lavender and chamomile
Made with cocoa and shea butter and oils to relax and soothe
150ml £4.50
Body butter with bergamot and lemon
Made with cocoa and shea butter and oils to refresh and uplift
150ml £4.50
Body butter with cedarwood and rosemary
Made with cocoa and shea butter and oils to balance skin and stimulate the mind
150ml £4.50
Night Cream with lavender and ylang ylang
A relaxing blend to nourish your skin
100ml £4.00
Night Cream with calendula and rosemary
A cleansing and restoring cream
100ml £4.00
Night Cream with rose and geranium
Balancing and soothing
100ml £4.00
Scar tissue oil
With a blend of essential oils, including lavender and calendula, this oil can speed healing and reduce scarring
100ml £4.00
Natural deodorant with tea tree and citronella
A refreshing deodorant cream to banish underarm odours
100ml £4.00
Extra dry skin moisturising bar with lavender with storage tin
Simply massage in to dry skin, relaxing and healing
3x10ml £3.00
Extra dry skin moisturising bar with bergamot and geranium with storage tin
Massage into dry skin to sooth the skin and lift your mood
3x10ml £3.00
Gift basket – your choice of body butter, night cream and lip salve £11.00
Gift basket – your choice of body butter, lip salve and moisturising bar £10.00
Gift basket – your choice of body butter, body scrub and moisturising bar £10.00

Other combinations of essential oils may be available on request.


A Vision for the Community Centre

The community have so much hopes about the community centre. They thought that it was possible to be finished but because of the elections they understand that things have become stalled a little bit.

The community centre will act as a clinic to the members of the community especially those with injuries in wound dressing (most of the people around here drive motorbikes and thus are prone to minor accidents). It will also help pregnant mothers since the next clinic centre is far away. They will also be having their meetings two or three times a week on how to grow their small scale businesses and other women development issues.
Also the poor will be benefit since they will have easy access rather than traveling all the way to town. Prescription will also be moderate in pricing thus the poor majority will have access rather than all the way to town. The seniors are also many in the community so this will act as a centre for them.

My need concerning the community centre is to open a welding shop for training at least 5 young people to begin with. These are those who finished school but due to poverty could not proceed to other courses. It is our hope that it will grow and expand to admit more people.

It will also help us with church service and also external members who will be renting the place to holding meetings. We also do counselling from Monday to Friday since there are so many community members who need counselling. It is and will  be busy from Monday to Friday.

The moment we get electricity and the welding machine and materials, I will start training them immediately. The government has authorized me to do this in order to help bring up the life of the youths.


Updates from Eldoret


This is Esther. She is one of the church members and without independent financial support. Esther is a very capable Church and Community Centre Treasurer and shows much discernment in knowing the possibilities and limits of their finances.

Here are some of the other church members.



Here is Joseph Junior praying. When he grows up he wants to be an Engineer.

Bryson and Naomi are leading church worship. Naomi would still like the opportunity to train to be a nurse.

Easter Thanks from Joseph

Good to hear from you for the powerful Easter message, which brought us all together again this evening, to pray for you all there, for the good work you are doing for us here in Africa,  for the Kenyan Rift Valley community people ….!

We have no doubt here for your commitment, support, care, love and hardworking there as a team will lead our vision here in Kenya to succeed for the future generations……!

May God bless you all, we love you so much, I am looking forward to come this year there and meet you all there

Best wishes from Pastor Joseph