Eldoret Community Centre

Meeting in the Schoolroom

Alongside providing immediate aid to the people of Eldoret, the building of a community centre has been a key part of the vision of Touch Eldoret. Apart from a small school room, there is nowhere for the church to meet. There is also nowhere to hold a medical clinic or training course. With a lot of faith and hard work, that is slowly changing.

In 2012 a small plot of land was purchased and preliminary groundworks began.

 Gabions needed to be made and installed to create a sufficiently level plot.

 A new well has been dug to provide water for the centre and for the local people in times of drought. A 2,500 gallon water tank also provides greater water security. A large security fence had to be erected to help prevent theft of materials from the site.

The roof was completed in 2017. Although the unstable political situation following elections meant that progress was delayed for a while, the walls are also now begun.