Kenya Visit and a New Church

In March, chair of trustees, and founder, Jane Bostock went out to visit the community in Eldoret, accompanied by supporter Naomi.

On arrival in Eldoret they visited Highlands Education Centre, the school attended by Joseph Junior. The staff were very pleased to see them and had arranged for Jane and Naomi to plant a tree.

Progress on the building of the Community Centre was examined. The photo shows Jane talking with Bryson in the building. During the visit, Bryson was able to outline his plans and hopes to start a new church for a group of believers who currently have no settled place of worship.

The new church will be called Arise and Shine Pentecostal Church. It will have a committee of trustees, some of whom are pictured here. From left to right they are Bryson, Jacklin, Patrick and Henry our church Elder. Bryson’s wife Naomy, who was taking the photo, is the fifth trustee. Already God is starting to provide for the new congregation as a local businessman just donated 20 chairs for their use.

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