Our vision is to touch the people of Eldoret, in Kenya,
and to see their lives transformed. 

Touch Eldoret is a small Christian charity, based in Truro, England. Over the last ten years, we have built up a relationship with members of the Christian community in Eldoret. We work to support them in their aim to see the local people lifted out of poverty. Jobs are scarce and poorly paid. Many cannot get enough food to eat or send their children to school. Diseases are often caused from lack of simple hygiene and nutritional balance. Water supply can be unreliable, causing crop failures and greater vulnerability to diseases. Together we want to address these problems and see lives transformed.

We are supporting local people by providing children’s school fees and essential medical costs, resourcing adult education and training, and helping people to start and develop small businesses to enable them to provide for their families. Our focus is on helping in ways that will enable the people of Eldoret to meet their own needs in the future.

In addition Touch Eldoret runs short term, volunteer led, medical clinics in the area to provide medical care and rehabilitation advice to those who would otherwise have none.

Part of our vision has been supporting the building of a Community Centre. We hope this will provide a place of worship, a building for health and education clinics, vocational training and other community building activities. In the long term, we want to train local people to run these services at the centre.

Unfortunately we have had to suspend work on the building following problems with the managing committee in Kenya. We are working hard to re-establish a suitable committee to complete the building work and run the finished community centre.